Monday, December 30, 2013

The merry months of November and December

Thanksgiving seems a while back. We picked up our turkey from Ray and the house got an extra deep clean. This year with added a tablecloth filled with demure hens and big old wild turkeys in each corner. We were excited to light the chandelier and celebrate our first T.Giving in the house.

Charlie's Birthday followed a week later with more cake and candles and another broken arm. I have to add that in for historical fact. Two broken arms, it broke a few records too.

This year we decided to cut our own tree. There is a farm down from where we live that grows trees in all sorts of sizes thus fitting the bill for our annual argument around the size of the tree and negotiation around how long the tree should stay in the house. I am a traditionalist, I say the epiphany and it should be down but Charles is a sentimentalist. Ah, what's the hurry, he says. We'll see. I suspect I am a weak traditionalist but I know he is a strong sentimentalist.
The tree really is beautiful this year. Father Christmas arrived, we enjoyed a peaceful old Christmas day. I look at the picture below and see how new our house looks. I still haven't made decisions about what to hang and where. Should I put up curtains and if so what and in which rooms. All that stuff, it takes years to settle into a house. I am glad there is snow on the ground right now because that just adds to the list of decisions.
Boxing day and all is calm. Charlie drank tea and ate gingerbread cookies. 
Last night there was a nice big snow storm. The snow flakes were so big that there has to be a name for them. I run in to this problem a lot up here in New England. There are not enough words to describe the snow. Remember Smila's (something about , was it sense of??)snow, I learned from Smila that there were many many different words describing snow and I don't believe it is the case here. This leaves me with inadequate words to describe last nights snow except to say unusually large snow flakes that dropped to the ground at an alarming rate. There should also be a word for snow flakes that take the power out. We lost power after about an hour of the U.L.S.F. and were thankful for the candle chandelier and the LL Bean headlamps. More snow afoot it seems, I wonder what kind. Something I didn't know until I had snow and children is that it is fun to stand in the snow with your mouth open and try to catch a flake or two. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

well..... we moved.

 We moved finally. It was June and everything happened at once, the end of the school year, farmers market, graduation time but we made it.
 Loki found that he liked it better outside than in. He has been outside ever since. Very cute.

And then we went to Maine for a blissful family vacation. Now we are back, Mum's here and we are gardening a lot. We have discovered we love gardening.