Monday, September 26, 2011

Golden Times

There is change in the air. It makes everyone a little scattered and rushed. Dates fill up while we can still move about freely. We stay outside long after it is time to go in knowing this light won't be with us much longer. It's hot, like the October when The Baker and I got married and I see this as a good sign - things are afoot, change is taking place. 

Tin roof ball catch

extra sweeping

from Marion's weekly gourd and pumpkin purchase

and another

ever so near - things are on the move.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

never enough

So you would think that my children would care less about treats having a bakery at their disposal but chocolate frogs shipped from Australia put them into a frenzy and they will obsess everyday until the final frog is squared away.

the morning call

satisfaction - yes Marion is in her PJs - oh great, more guilt.

Saturday market's continue.... pumpkins and Mums take the place of tulips and greens.

The brooding baker

two little ones looking for another bite to eat.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lunch Boxes and other informal gear

I was going to use the word paraphernalia in the title but when I looked it up in the thesaurus I found I liked informal gear better, don't you think?

Well, the alarm went off at 4:45am Tuesday morning and there were lunch boxes filled and ready to go by 6:30am - School is back!!!

We even managed to eat breakfast at the table instead of in the car. (another shameful secret revealed)

And then we left the warm cocoon of our long summer break.......

and headed out towards our year ahead.
And returned home with Edward the elephant - you gotta love Waldorf school.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Time in a rubbermaid container

Well, I do believe this is the best place to reveal embarrassing moments in ones life...... so ....... I had this bottle of breast milk in the freezer. Considering my youngest is now seven..... well you do the math.
Anyway with the storm coming through and taking out our electricity for a few days I was forced to throw out the contents on the freezer and the fridge. I had never realized, or acknowledged that I was holding on to it, we would joke about it sometimes as we were reaching for the gin or the ribs but that was it. Needless to say, I cried, I cried over defrosted, ancient breast milk.

Since that day I have been packing.

Goodbye Paddington Bear, Scruffy Bear and Charlies' first socks.

Goodbye Robot man with floppy legs, Mr Gnome and the bunny ear velvet jacket

Goodbye homemade spaceship

Goodbye Charlie Bag

Two plastic time capsules are now waiting for another time.