Friday, May 27, 2011

Working it.

We always seem to be working in our family, between the business, the house and my work, we are actively working it everyday. Now, the upside of working hard is there is usually a reward somewhere along the way (usually much further along than we expect) and today Charlie's hard work paid off when he was presented with his knitted hat. It was so lovely for him to wear it home, (even though it is hot and sultry today).  He is the proud ower of completed project that will keep him warm through second grade and reminds me again, as I verge on whimpering with exhaustion, that it's worth it.

Another man in our house that works it every day!

And what were the women up to today? Well, Marion went picking dandelions to contribute to medical research and I was down in New Hampshire watching someone else do the work of teacher which was a lovely and refreshing change.  It also meant I could drop by Burdicks on the way home for some coffee and nougat for myself and chocolate penguins for the children and then head over to Waterwheel fabrics in Londonderry for some fabric which I am stashing away for  a Summer ( I can't yet say which Summer)  projects.

Aren't they nice!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Honey, Honey

We really should be heading down to the pond or spending all our time in the garden but there has been so much rain here that long sleeves, winter hats and inside time still reigns. Charlie and I managed to get some seeds in today before another down pour - it makes for slow progress.  Marion is okay with plenty of inside time because she is fast heading to the end of the final HP book. Sad really, there is nothing nicer than seeing your ten year old reading an oversized book and falling into a panic if it is not with her at all times.

Norwich Farmers Market season has started up again. Which means we are back to our Umpleby's  booth again for the tenth year (ouch!) It's still fun after all these years and I count it as a family activity since The Baker is always baking and rarely available for family frolics. But when the alarm goes off on a Saturday morning and I have just come off a week of teaching, my motivation is driven by the prospects of  my favorite local honey, cheese, meat and produce and the soy late I know The Baker will bring me. We produce some great food up here in the Upper Valley but God knows we need to because the weather, oh the weather..........

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ramp and run

I didn't even get a great shot of the tart before I ate it. I didn't mean to eat it, it just happened. I was removing it from the stand with a plan to put it in the fridge for the night and, well, a blueberry fell and rolled neatly on to the bench. 'Ah, its just one blueberry, no one will notice', I said as it made its way to my mouth. hmmmm. And as I enjoyed the perfect balance of tart, sweet, crunch and soft I noticed the lightened pastry cream which had been revealed by this one little blueberry. Well, before I knew it...... a fork, pastry cream, and a crust so perfectly textured at room temperature......... delicious.