Saturday, May 21, 2011

Honey, Honey

We really should be heading down to the pond or spending all our time in the garden but there has been so much rain here that long sleeves, winter hats and inside time still reigns. Charlie and I managed to get some seeds in today before another down pour - it makes for slow progress.  Marion is okay with plenty of inside time because she is fast heading to the end of the final HP book. Sad really, there is nothing nicer than seeing your ten year old reading an oversized book and falling into a panic if it is not with her at all times.

Norwich Farmers Market season has started up again. Which means we are back to our Umpleby's  booth again for the tenth year (ouch!) It's still fun after all these years and I count it as a family activity since The Baker is always baking and rarely available for family frolics. But when the alarm goes off on a Saturday morning and I have just come off a week of teaching, my motivation is driven by the prospects of  my favorite local honey, cheese, meat and produce and the soy late I know The Baker will bring me. We produce some great food up here in the Upper Valley but God knows we need to because the weather, oh the weather..........

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