Friday, May 27, 2011

Working it.

We always seem to be working in our family, between the business, the house and my work, we are actively working it everyday. Now, the upside of working hard is there is usually a reward somewhere along the way (usually much further along than we expect) and today Charlie's hard work paid off when he was presented with his knitted hat. It was so lovely for him to wear it home, (even though it is hot and sultry today).  He is the proud ower of completed project that will keep him warm through second grade and reminds me again, as I verge on whimpering with exhaustion, that it's worth it.

Another man in our house that works it every day!

And what were the women up to today? Well, Marion went picking dandelions to contribute to medical research and I was down in New Hampshire watching someone else do the work of teacher which was a lovely and refreshing change.  It also meant I could drop by Burdicks on the way home for some coffee and nougat for myself and chocolate penguins for the children and then head over to Waterwheel fabrics in Londonderry for some fabric which I am stashing away for  a Summer ( I can't yet say which Summer)  projects.

Aren't they nice!

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  1. Love the hat, Charlie! And it makes me happy just looking at that fabric, it's so pretty.
    Hooray! So glad you have a blog (again, though I was really late to catch up with your last one, so this is better). It's brought a big smile to my face to see these pictures and read your words. Keep posting, please- although I have no idea how you've found the time.
    Love you always.