Friday, June 17, 2011

market time

It's Market season again. Come rain or shine! This is our tenth year running our bakery stand. I remember our first year with a card table and a couple of baskets full of food and a baby of course - Marion was only a few months old at the time. Now ten years later, we are 'a well oiled machine', as The Baker likes to refer to us, we bring a load of food and two children, no babies.

I love the market. Life is simple at the market. We set up, we sell out, we go home, yes, every week but we also see friends and watch the seasons through the different produce. It's peony season right now and there are plenty of greens but no sugar snaps (waiting, waiting....) We buy yarn for sweaters and cheese that reminds me of home (Australia that is) and meat that is so so good.


our first customer of the day

sold out (time to shop!)
 or play chess
 home with pots to fill

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