Sunday, November 6, 2011

Where'd she go?

So, I've been busy. Too busy to write, too busy to keep the house clean (which is a whole new level to not being able to keep it tidy - oh!) just moving swiftly as best I can and having plenty of fun along the way(if the truth be told, which is what blogging is all about - hmmm.)

A happy birthday to our dear Ella and halloween too!

 I have been sewing, a little. I had an old sweater back that I knitted years ago and found the pattern too intense to finish so I turned it into a cushion. Nice.

 And then I could'nt resist this print so...... another cushion. I do wonder about my taste level sometimes, I am always sticking lots of color and textures together but I can't seem to break the habit.
Marion and I have joined a Mother Daughter book club with the girls in her class. The first book is about a horse - do we love the book? no!  do we share an interest in horses? no! Do we love sitting together and reading aloud to each other? YES! So the book (it's okay really - if you loved horsies) is doing us fine.

Charlie and I have been working our way through the world of paper aircraft, we love, love, love it, except for all those paper aircraft needing a home.


  1. Love the cushions. Bring on the all the colour and prints and textures you want and forget about good taste, I say. Though your taste is excellent in any case.

  2. great idea about the sweater conversion to cushion. I have an unfinished jumper which i've been stuck now I can change it to a pillow. thanks for the idea.