Monday, January 23, 2012

a quilt and a question

Gosh this picture is blurry but you get the idea - quilt top finished and ready for quilting. The geometry is a good exercise for me, it pulls me in and makes me practice precision, not an easy thing for me.

Marion turns eleven this week and has asked for a pair of Dr. Marten boots (purple no less) - I am umming and arrring - don't know why exactly. Are Dr.M too old for a tween?


  1. 11 is the age when many girls start experimenting with self image. I think DMs project an empowering sort of image, strong and fun as well. So I vote yes for the DMs. And I love purple.

  2. the quilt colours are lovely. Dr Martens...are cool. They're very practical shoes and last forever. I use to live in them, and am glad they've made a comeback. Mind you, I was 20 when I was wearing them, but since when do shoes indicate what age you are? I love purple too. If I could have had them (finances were limiting in my household) I would have surely had a pair at 11 too.