Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Marion's Belated Birthday

Our darling Marion turned 13 on January 27. Fabulous in every way, we are so happy to watch her get on her way - to where - who knows but life to Marion right now is rich and alive. We are constantly astounded by her, she brings so much joy to our family. 13 cheers for Marion!

If I was going to cheer out for another member of our family it would be this fella in the basement.
Please meet The Tarm:

Yes, central wood heat is a thing of beauty. I never believed I would light so many fires in my lifetime, nor stack so much wood but when the house is cozy and the oil tank is full because we're not using oil, well, it  gives me a similar feeling to having a lower deductible health insurance. Lovely, peaceful, warm, good for everyone and not so darn expensive too.


  1. You got the stove fired up!! I didn't know you had a blog... nice photo of Marion, tell her I said happy birthday!

  2. Oh. Happy Birthday to dear Marion. It looks like her birthday was cosy and warm. Does she know she was born the day after Australia day? Wish Ella and I could have been there to sing to her and share her birthday celebrations. Helen x

  3. YAY Marion is Aquarian like me! You need Aquarians around you, obviously. She looks so grown up and beautiful. Hope you all had a lovely day. xxx ps Max is applying for James Madison university in Virginia