Saturday, July 9, 2011

Loving July

Finally, after a long, long, loooooonnggg session of report writing (that Steiner, man oh man, what a task master!!) I am free to roam as I please. This has included raspberry picking at Peter and Vicky's Cherry Hill Farm, sadly or not,  depending on whether you were in the car at the time, all raspberries were consumed before we made it back to the house - except for the pint Vicky picked for Charles - making sure we put in the back out of reach. Must pick more next time! 

We dropped in on our favorite cafe in Chester on our way through. Somehow, maybe the hippy / healthy / good coffee style reminds me of Fitzroy in Melbourne and I can't resist a stop if we are near.  We made  another visit to Waterwheel fabrics in Londonderry. I go for the fabrics and the children go for the sweet Golden Retriever who is happy to lie in the shade and have the children pet her.  It is their chance at dog time having only a big ol' bunny and a fish for pets.

 And then there is the lake. We have settled into our summer habit of heading to the pond late in the afternoon. The sun is down, it is quiet. I can do some work (Oh boy, stop it with the work, already!) and the children swim, swim, swim. I love this time. LOVE IT.

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