Sunday, August 21, 2011

errrrr ER?

Gee I learned a lot this week. Most of it I learned a week too late but learned it is. It began as we were preparing to get Marion to a birthday party at a friends pond when Marion called for me to look at the week old graze she had on her foot..... 

Lesson One: do not let your panic show when you see a large infection growing on your child's little foot. (child will panic)

Lesson Two: Do not mutter the word's, 'I will just call the ER'. (child will think things are VERY bad)

Lesson Three: Do not hurry the family into the car as if there is not a moment to lose (child will cry inconsolably believing they will not be returning home with left foot.)

Lesson Four: Find out from Doctor that everything you could have done to cause an infection you did. (remember to do everything opposite next time)

Lesson Five: Child is strong and healthy and will heal - must not blame self, blame bacteria.

The goods

the patient

the entertainer

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  1. oh poor Marion and poor YOU. You must have got a bit of a fright. Hope you are all recovering. It looks like Charlie is doing a marvellous job as the official entertainer.