Thursday, August 18, 2011

Local Yokel

I was in the local food store yesterday when I became spotted this little bag positioned between the big manly Pennsyvannian peaches and southern yellow cling peaches. The photo doesn't show their true size  but think smallish plum and you'll get the picture, the beauty of these peaches are that they are grown right here in Vermont - local peaches!!!!! And how did they taste? Fantastic - sweet, juicy and gone in three bites.

It is almost done - the yoke (sorry for title pun but who could resist). This sweater is the first sweater I have successfully made for the Baker. My previous attempts were too small or just not quite right but this one is a beauty. I think the Baker thought it was some sort of commitment issue on my part - ahhhh men - so it will be blocked and all loose ends tucked away by his birthday (Sept 6). The sweater is from Jared Flood - it is the Huron. I have to say I love these patterns, I have been knitting for so many years now and yet I learnt so much about construction, short rows and sewn in binding and the sweater is very sweet.

A final note for today - the house is not finished. painting, painting, painting, will it ever end!!

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  1. Lucky Baker! That jumper- I mean sweater, but you know that, don't you?- looks beautiful.