Friday, August 12, 2011

In the morning light

I always wake full of ideas for the coming day. Many of these quickly change or dissipate as the children rise and reality tells me for example a full day of hanging out with a paintbox and these flowers is not going to happen. One thing that is happening today is I am purging all of our magazine stacks.
Some of them, like those pictured below sit neatly in our kitchen bookshelves pretending to be cookbooks but I very rarely reference them, so........... out they go.
tomatoes from our garden, flowers from our CSA

Goodbye and thanks for the good times.
We are midway through our CSA. Each week we fill our bags with what ever is ready on the farm, kale, beets, peas, lettuce, tomatoes and  on and on. One of the nicest parts of this CSA is the pickup is at the farm, so there is a lovely community gathering with music and food and there is lots of pick your own. Having never managed to put in a great vegetable garden, I love going each week and harvesting from this most healthy, successful garden (they are professionals after all) and we can pick flowers too!

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